Asset Valuation & Property Management Company in Ethiopia

Asset Valuation & Property Management Company in Ethiopia 


Asset Valuation

We are one of the pioneer asset valuation and property management companies in Ethiopia to start and develop asset and business valuation services. Outstanding asset valuation services for hundreds of private and governmental companies have been delivered. We provide valuation services for tax issues, IFRS, IPSAS, company mergers, dissolution, capital registration, disposal, court cases, capital share, and company decisions. A dedicated private company to provide an accurate, impartial, and expertly put-together property valuation service.

If you have a valuation estimated under or over its accurate value you may lose thousands in tax and other proceedings. So, if you are looking for an asset valuation & property management company in Ethiopia or Addis Ababa, we are at your disposal.

Our expertise, qualifications, and up-to-date knowledge of the property market make us your preferred partner. We guide you through the process of knowing how much your property is worth, and how to manage to achieve more benefits.

We’ll make it simple if you need a valuation service for capital gains tax, tax depreciation, IFRS, IPSAS, capital registration, shared ownership valuation, court proceedings, and other intended reasons.

We use the most preferred tools, equipment, and methods to produce timely and accurate valuations. We’re the forward thinkers of our industry. Give us a call to book a valuation today.

Our range of valuation services

Our broad spectrum of valuation services includes

  • Market Valuations
  • Valuations for Tax Depreciation
  • Valuations for Capital Registration
  • Valuations for Financial statement
  • Valuations for Capital Gains Tax
  • Valuations for Court Cases
  • Valuations for Sell and Buy
  • Valuations for Asset Disposal
  • Valuation for Merger
  • Valuation for Acquisition
  • Valuations for Shared Ownership /Equity
  • Valuations For Matrimonial and Divorce Settlement
  • Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Property Management

We provide a complete set of property management services for residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Especially, for those who live far from their valuable property investment, Lkiet Property Management PLC acts like the property owner to handle all the hassles that arise from tenants. A trusted partner of your property manager to take over all the headaches of tenant screening, tenant eviction, rent collection, maintenance, tax issues, and all related activities.

Therefore, Lkiet Property is Asset Valuation and Property Management Company in Ethiopia to provide asset valuation & property management services. Our service covers all categories of fixed assets and businesses, properties, and consultancy services. We have a broad skill set to provide property management services. The quality of our services delivered to financial institutions, private individuals, property owners, investors, and government offices just rated as a measure of excellence., (Lkiet-ልኬት) Property Valuation in Ethiopia, Asset Valuation in Ethiopia, Asset Valuation in Addis Ababa, Property Management Company in Addis Ababa
LKIET-ልኬት Property Valuation & Management PLC
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