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Lkiet Property Valuation and Management is a young, dynamic company that’s passionate about customer service. We have a reputation for providing outstanding service, and our aim is to constantly exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering high-value, focused, and efficient service. The solid relationships we enjoy with our clients are the foundation of our success, and something we continually build on.

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Do you want to know, how much your property worth? How to manage your real property? Get a free consultation with knowledge and expertise about property valuation and management in Ethiopia. If you would like to speak, you may have, please complete the contact form below, and we will in touch.
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Services we provide

As one of the leading valuation and property consultancy service providers in Ethiopia, our unparalleled expertise and quality of service will be at your disposal.

Asset & Business Valuation

Uniquely positioned to provide stem to stern solutions for all of your valuation needs of tangible and intangible assets...

Property Management Services

We provide professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to...

Asset Inventory

Asset Registry & Coding, Condition Assessment and Creating Asset Control System

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